Ritva Karlsson

Västerby 4540

137 94 Norra Sorunda

Tel: 08-53023166

Mobil: 070--5903166




I am born in Helsinki , Finland 1949 – moved to Sweden 1963.  

Living and working in Västerby ( 40 km south of Stockholm ) there I have my own studio since 1976.


The clay has been a source of inspiration to me for over 30 years.


I work with both the earthenware as well as the stoneware clays, and all works are made individually by hand.


In recent years my work has manly consisted of numerous models of fantasy birds, mounted on iron legs.


Towards the end of seventies I had the unique idea of making objects of newspaper – made using earthenware clay: for example folded and rolled papers, parcels and pots with strings, paper-wrapped fish and bottles and some books.


These items received a lot of attention and were highly appreciated. To this day I still occasionally make those on request.


I also produce unique bowls, dishes and some relief.


Other examples of my work are small furniture models such as chairs, sofas, cupboards, washstands etc. These are 1:10 scale reproductions of real furniture in various styles like baroque, rustic and rococo etc.


During the eighties I exhibited these at Stockholm International Fairs (Furniture and Antique), NK-department store in Stockholm and a number of exhibitions in Japan .


My earliest exhibition in the seventies consisted of different mushrooms in natural sizes. I still make some of them from time to time.


During my 30 years as a ceramist I have participated in a lot of exhibitions here in Sweden , but also been shown in the US , Japan and New Zealand